Care of the elderly ward’s colourful new furniture

"It has really brightened up the ward."

Patients on a care of the elderly ward are benefiting from new and colourful furniture.

The furniture on D’Arcy Ward at Colchester Hospital has been given a much-needed upgrade after the team received a £10,000 grant from us. The money was used to buy new chairs, lockers and bedside tables.

Different styles of chairs have been chosen to suit the differing needs of patients. The new lockers and bedside tables are lighter and also on wheels with brakes meaning they are a lot easier to manoeuvre.

Ward sister Alyce England said:

“These improvements have helped the staff to move furniture about more quickly and easily than before which has helped to prevent injuries. It also saves space on the ward as the new tables fit easily underneath beds and chairs, and the brakes allow them to stay in a fixed position when required.”

The team colour coordinated the furniture for each bay and Alyce said this has “brightened up the ward”, making it a more “colourful and cheerful environment to be in”, which has improved the level of comfort and experience for patients in their care.