About our trustees

Colchester & Ipswich Hospitals Charity is the public name of East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust Charitable Funds, an NHS Charity registered with the Charity Commission in England & Wales  (Registration Number 1048827).

It is required to abide by special NHS legislation and to provide an annual report each year to the UK Charity Commission. We are independently audited each year by an external auditor.

The Board of Trustees at East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust are responsible for providing governance and leadership and act as Corporate Trustee of the charity.  A special committee, called the Charitable Funds Committee, meets monthly to consider plans for the charity, ensure good governance is implemented and that expenditure complies with charity standards.

This committee is chaired by a Non-Executive Director and membership is made up of Board Directors and Non Executive Directors from the East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust together with others in attendance including the Head of Charity, Charitable Funds Accountant,  Company Secretary and Governors. This committee is required to report formally on its work, twice a year to the Trust Board.