Our vision

hospitalThanks to your help we help make a difference to over 8,000 people a day at the East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust.

We want to grow the amount of money that we can spend on research, treatment, patient care and experience as well as on staff development to make sure that we support the East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust vision to continue to drive improvement in patient experience and be an outstanding provider of health services.

In delivering our vision we will:

  • respect and value our supporters
  • invest wisely and in a timely manner in innovation, education, facilities and staff welfare
  • administer the Charitable Fund in a prudent and professional manner, respecting the wishes of donors at all times
  • support the work of the East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust and its staff in being an outstanding provider of health services for our population

We don’t replace NHS money; through generous donations we are able to add extra value and support pioneering and innovative work for the benefit of those that need us. It’s these extras – some small, some large – above and beyond the scope of the NHS budget, that really make a difference.

We hope our work inspires you to join us on this exciting journey to help more patients and their families across East Suffolk & North Essex. Here’s how your donation makes a difference:

£5 a month could buy non-slip slippers for elderly patients

£15 a month could buy tea and coffee for patients receiving chemotherapy

£50 could help run a support group for patients with a serious illness

£100 could buy a special cushion to help stroke patients

£200 would kick start a fund to pay for an extra ventilator cot for the Neonatal Unit

Our values

Anyone that comes into contact with our charity team can expect:

  • a cheerful, friendly welcome from our staff and volunteers
  • to be supported by kind people who care about you and the reasons for your gift
  • their personal information to be protected and only used in the way they have given permission for
  • to feel supported, inspired and motivated when taking part in our events
  • to experience an organised and efficient service
  • to be supported by a skilled team that is always improving