Two mini electric Tesla cars gifted to the Children’s Departments

Watch out - learner drivers about!

Tesla Owners Group UK donate cars for children to drive

Julian Brook (pictured left) of the Tesla Owners Group UK (TOGUK) recently made two very special deliveries. TOGUK has donated two mini electric Tesla cars to Colchester & Ipswich Hospitals Charity. One car will be zooming around the Children’s Department at Colchester, the other will be at Ipswich Hospital

where children awaiting day surgery will be able to drive themselves to the operating theatre!

Julian explains “Initially a few Tesla owners came up with the idea to donate the mini Tesla cars they had earned through the Tesla referral programme to local children’s hospices and hospitals.  Hopefully the cars will help bring some additional fun and smiles to the children and their families and make a great distraction during their time in hospital.”

TOGUK thought this was such a good idea that it launched an official donation and fundraising campaign among its members, and in collaboration with the Christian Blandford Fund, to distribute as many of these across the UK as possible.

Will Fealey, the club president, also tweeted Elon Musk (CEO of Tesla) who agreed to match any funds raised and negotiated a discount with Radio Flyer, the manufacturer of the mini electric cars. Over 150 cars worth more than £75,000 in total have now been sourced through the campaign and Deryn Harvey of TOGUK has coordinated their distribution.

At Colchester, Julian was joined by fellow Tesla owner, Gary Mac and they had great pleasure is seeing the car driven for the first time by plucky three and half year old, Isabella-Faith Wragg. Isabella is currently awaiting a life-saving liver transplant. She has been on the waiting list for over seven months and has just two years to find a suitable donor.

Matron, Amy Bruce said “I’m so pleased Isabella was the first person to have a go in the car. She’s such a fighter and despite her very serious condition she keeps smiling. All our children will gain so much pleasure from this very generous gift. It’s going to be extremely popular around the ward. So thank you very much to everyone at the Tesla Owners Group.”

Jack Glancy was first behind the wheel in Ipswich and hot on his heels was Jack Sadler who soon got the hang of whizzing around the corridor, even in reverse. This time Julian was joined by another local Tesla owner, Charlottle Morrison to make the presentation.

Clinical lead, Brigitte Victoria said “This is such a wonderful gift and is going to be a great distraction to the children prior to an operation. They will be able to drive themselves to surgery along a safe and easily navigable route. Not only will they be having fun but it will take their mind off the procedure they are about to have. I would like to say a very heart-felt thank you to Julian, Charlotte and everyone at the Tesla Owners Group who have worked together in order to bring us such a lovely gift.”