A wall of painted secrets

Mum and carer paint mural at Colchester Hospital

In between stints of caring for 17-year-old Ellen, who has been an inpatient at Colchester Hospital consistently for over eleven weeks, mum, Ruth Scholar and carer and artist, Theresa Carter have transformed a wall within the Children’s Department into a beautiful and heartwarming mural full of secrets.

Hidden among the brightly coloured flowers are the names of children, many of whom have been treated at the department, making the wall particularly poignant.

The talented duo initially set out to paint 100 flowers as part of the Captain Tom 100 challenge. In exchange for a small donation, supporters could choose which type of flower, its colour and also have it named.

The idea quickly bloomed and after 23 days of painting, they have created a stunning display of 294 flowers and 307 insects.

They also smashed their original fundraising target of £300 and in total raised £1,644 for the Children’s Department at Colchester Hospital. Truly spectacular!

View more images of hidden secrets: www.justgiving.com/paintforpounds